April 29, 2013



We are so pleased to have the opportunity to appear on the Texas Country Reporter.  TCR is a Texas treasure for those who watch the show, and know the quality of their production and the fantastic storytelling they do. What a great honor to have our story told in such a beautiful fashion...it was an emotional experience for us to watch ourselves in relation to the devastation and recovery.

We were featured in the Bastrop Recovery Special Episode.  Here is a condensed version that appeared on KFDM, out of Beaumont, TX.

Weekend of April 27th 2013, Show #1339
Texas Country Reporter ©
Weekend of April 27th 2013
Show #1339

"This week on a special edition of Texas Country Reporter, Wildfires devastated Bastrop County more than a year and a half ago, but hope is alive with the residents who still call it home. 
...meet a couple who lost their home, but not their resolve, as they personally rebuild using the very trees that caught fire."

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