September 18, 2012



It has been quite a journey on this road to recovery with the efforts to mill our burned timber, and we are so fortunate to have had supportive media attention about our story. Our biggest exposure to date is our appearance on the A&E cable television show Shipping Wars
It is a good thing we can laugh at ourselves, because we certainly laughed out loud at many of the comments....our entertainment value comes naturally! The episode went by so fast we had to re-watch it to really decide if we liked it. I suppose to make for entertaining TV some things were taken out of context, but overall we think it was pretty dang good
Of course, the show is primarily about the shippers and in this episode our "bad guy" shipper is turned hero- all while maintaining his contemptible persona. That's fine by us, because participating with the show gave us the motivation to assemble the transport help and deliver our logs to the mill in Elgin.  
Obviously, life took an unexpected turn...leaving us to take on an impromptu harvest and logging operation.  Rob summed it up best when he said we're "winging it"- however, that shouldn't be confused for incompetency. Unfortunately, they did not share the really brilliant part of the story which is how we got all those piles of logs to the road in the first place (and no one was killed doing it!!!). Lucky for us, our creativity, hard work and good friends have gotten us this far..."reality" TV show or not.
On the day of the filming, five trucks and trailers helped deliver 77 of the 20-foot logs to the mill. We are very appreciative for the media opportunity and the transport assistance. We kindly thank all of the wonderful people who participated in our Log Pull Convoy, John Long, and S.A.W. Mill & Supply!  

Shipping Wars: Wings, A Prayer, and a Know-It-All
Shipping Wars is produced by Megalomedia for A&E Network. Executive producer is Jonathan Nowzaradan. Co-executive producers are Tom Mireles, Jeff Keels and Graham Davidson.  A&E executive producers are David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant, Neil A. Cohen and Devon Graham.