January 8, 2013



In the early part of the twentieth-century, prior to the advent of plywood and other sheet materials, many homes were built with 1-by lumber as a structural sheathing on the exterior of the framework.  In an effort to maximize our lumber resources, we opted to employ this type of construction using rough sawn 1"x12" boards hung diagonally across the studs. Due to the high cost of solid board sheathing, today this type of sheathing is rarely used, however it is recommended in areas that are earthquake or hurricane prone for it's structural integrity.  Oddly enough our situation, having the timber resource and relationship with the SAW Mill, has it being more cost effective to sheath with this method compared to buying ply or OSB.  This is a win-win-win solution for us in terms of cost, it's high structural rigidity and the utilization our timber.
Currently, it looks kinda strange....the boards extending past the top plate will continue up into the gable ends when the roof is constructed...and next on the list, the trusses and roof rafters.