May 19, 2012




The Log Pull is in one week and this whole bonkers idea is yet to be fully realized....good thing we been flexin' our tenacity these last 8 months. As it stands at the moment, it is either the most brilliant idea we've attempted yet- or it is the stupidest- either way it is definitely seems like our craziest. They say that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle...we believe this to be true. We just happen to currently be getting us a big ol' heapin' helpin' of handlin'....but, when you ain't got nothin' to lose (literally), you ain't got nothin' to lose.

Overdrive Magazine - May 18, 2012   

 Charity event to harvest timber after major Texas wildfire,  By Todd Dills


Bastrop Advertiser - May 18, 2012  

Moore about Bastrop: Logs to Lumber CompetitionBy Debbie Moore