June 24, 2016




In the process of moving forward on our YURNS business, and sharpening our entrepreneurial skills, we were led to several new podcasts we enjoy listening to.  Through an entrepreneur group on Facebook, we met Chris Jantzen, the host of The Scritch Show.
Through this connection, Chris learned about our fire recovery efforts and sculpture work creating YURNS.  We were excited when he reached out and invited us to have a conversation on his show to share our story....from a forest fire to cremation urns, it's a tale of ashes to ashes, dust to dirt.

Chris writes:

Incredible story about some creative entrepreneurs that faced losing everything and never gave up! You will love hearing Jamaica tell this story. Be prepared to be inspired!
Rob and Jamaica Morz are inspirational creative community builders that embody so much of what I like to encourage on the Scritch Show. If we could all display the loyalty, tenacity, bravery and care that these folks display, the world would be totally awesome, that's for sure! I have been enjoying the song that Jamaica’s father wrote so much, I'm sure you will be touched to hear “Country Life” by Hank Stegall

This is an inspirational story you can tell others about. Lets all approach life with the tenacity and exuberance that the Morz family used to rebuild their whole life after a deadly fire that ripped apart their dreams. These brave 'Country Folk', that came from the city, chose to take their dreams back. With the help of friends, strangers, neighbors and anyone else they could muster up, Jamaica and Rob rebuilt their burned house with wood from the burned forest on their property. They then went on to live their dream of living in the country and becoming artistic entrepreneurs. Check out Awesome Urns and MorzArt!
You will want to share this story with your friends and be inspired to never give up no matter the odds!!

The Scritch Show is an enjoyable detour through deep thoughts and creativity- it's fresh and authentic, mixed with humble and a dash of humor. The show is introspective and insightful, creative and different....Chris is carving his own path through his podcast, reflecting on philosophical ponderings while sharing the "scritchy" music he creates.  The intimate feel of his show and the amusing stories he tells, make for an enjoyable listen as he "makes it up as he goes along".

Creativity transcends the control matrix.
Its your Life
Its your Song
Make it up
As you go Along

What is Scritch? The process of musical creation using impromptu, learn-as-you-go technique. Creative energy is possibly the most powerful force in the universe. I challenge listeners to access and explore their creative side. 

Share your creativity. Make a comment. Build the community.